Capital FM Reveals Why Presenters Have Left Station, Announces Yet Another Revamp

In just three years urban radio station Capital FM has lost all of its top talents.

Amina Abdi, Joey Muthengi, DJ Joe Mflame, Susan Wong, Miano Muchiri, Anita Nderu, Laura Walubengo, Maqbul Mohammed, Cess Mutungi among others have all ditched the trouble radio station with a solid reason why.

But according to the radio station, they are not worried because Capital FM has always been a stepping stone for younger talents.

They leave once they feel they have outgrown their roles.

“Growth is very important whether for an individual or for the company and therefore we don’t frown upon it,” said Head of Radio Danny Munyi in a statement. “Capital FM has long been the incubator of talent in the media industry.”

Munyi also had another surprising update; they are a taking new route and will be introducing new shows, podcasts, selected music to match their mutating fanbase.

On the 15th of February, the station will be launching an exciting brand-new Capital in the Morning and The Jam shows with a very well-crafted campaign dubbed Drive Inn”.

It will be the third time in just 4 years the station is rebranding its shows.

“We will be bringing back good radio once again which you can’t find anywhere else,” from the moment our audience get up, on their way driving to the office all through the day to when it’s time to pick kids from school in the evening.”


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