Calm Down! 6 Ways To Deal With Anger In A Relationship

How couples deal with anger in a relationship greatly determines whether they’ll stay together or not.

Anger in a relationship can easily turn into a screaming match, violence and then a revenge mission.

Anger is normal and even healthy emotion. But it’s important to deal with it in a positive way. Uncontrolled anger can take a toll on your health and relationships.

Below are ways you can control anger in your relationship:

  1. Think before you speak

Words hurt more than anything else in a relationship. Before reacting, learn to pause, weigh your words to avoid unleashing that double-edged sword. Just take a deep breath, count to 10 before speaking when angry.

2. Don’t hold a grudge

After a fight, clear your heart and make sure you ironed everything out. Holding a grudging will lead to bitterness and lead to a revenge mission.

But if you can forgive someone who angered you, you might both learn from the situation and strengthen your relationship.

3. Don’t focus on your partner, focus on yourself

Don’t try to calm your fuming partner down in a heated screaming match. Instead, focus on calming yourself, which will also calm your partner. Once you are calm, state what has upset you and try to find out why your partner is also angry.

4.Use humor to release tension

Lightening up can help diffuse tension. Use humor to help you face what’s making you angry and, possibly, any unrealistic expectations you have for how things should go. Avoid sarcasm, though — it can hurt feelings and make things worse.

5. Get exercise

Exercising helps in reducing your stress levels. It also helps you channel your anger out. Take a run or go to the gym and sweat out the frustrations. After an hour or two, you’ll feel much much better.

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