Calls For Submission: International Collaboration Grants 2024

The British Council International Collaboration Grants is calling for submissions for its second round. The  £1 million grants programme fosters cultural exchanges and partnerships between UK artists, arts professionals, and organizations with their counterparts across the globe. These International Collaboration Grants aim to facilitate the creation of innovative artistic endeavors while strengthening international ties within the creative community.

At the heart of the International Collaboration Grants 2024 is the encouragement of bilateral and multilateral partnerships. With funding ranging from £25,000 to £75,000, this project aims to empower organizations and individual artists to embark on ambitious projects, pushing the boundaries of creativity and cultural exchange.

These grants provide an opportunity for participants to explore new avenues, develop creative artworks, and foster meaningful connections with their international peers. Whether it’s exploring common themes or tackling global challenges, our grants support projects that demonstrate genuine collaboration and offer tangible benefits to all involved parties.

Application Process

The grant is open to participants from select countries. Each project should involve at least one UK-based organization and one international partner from the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Mainland China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Montenegro, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Anyone interested can get more on the comprehensive package of resources provided on the British Council website. The International Collaboration Grant project believes in the power of diversity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability in shaping the arts. As such, applicants from all walks of life are welcome to make their submissions. By prioritizing inclusivity and sustainability, the grant aims to foster projects that not only enrich the cultural landscape but also contribute positively to our global community. Applications close on 30 April 2024, 23.59 (GMT).

The previous edition of the British Council International Collaboration Grants received 900+ applications from across the globe. Out of these 90+ projects were selected spanning 41 countries with funds between £ 5,000 and £ 75,000.

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