Call For Submissions: Kenya Film Commission Script Writing Competition

The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) and The Israeli Film Festival in partnership with The Israeli Embassy are calling for submissions for a script writing competition. This script writing contest which is part of the Israeli Film Festival, is only open to Kenyan nationals.

KFC whose main mandate is to position Kenya as a marketable destination for film and TV production, has been working to create both local and international opportunities for Kenyan film makers through various projects such as competitions and film festivals among others

Participating in this script writing competition is pretty easy as the submission requirements are as follows:

  • Brief – half a page long
  • Treatment – 3 pages (three pages)
  • Main characters – 2 pages (two pages)
  • Scene – no more than 2.5 (two and a half pages) in a professional script writing format.

Interested participants are required to make their submissions via the email before the 12:00 Midnight 25th November 2020 deadline. Israel-Kenya themes and professional script writing are encouraged.

According to KFC, there will be an amazing prize for the winning proposal.

Do you have what takes to deliver a captivating film script? Then hurry and make your submission now.

All the best.

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