Introducing Buyu by Jamhuri Wear

The Baobab tree, known as the tree of life because of the water it stores in its trunk, is intertwined with myth and legends. Some say that if you pick its flower you’ll be eaten by a lion while others believe eating its fruit will ward off everything crocodile attacks to cancer. Kenyan streetwear brand Jamhuri Wear has also been drawn to this natural wonders to create its debut range of luggage called Buyu. Only naturally dyed leather and baobab fibre hand dyed and woven into a hardwearing textile go into making the bespoke cases, hold-alls and iPad pouches.

“I wanted to incorporate ancient art forms into ethically made in Kenya lifestyle products that can travel the world,” says Jeffrey Kimathi who launched Jamhuri Wear (meaning Republic in Swahili) in New York in 2003 before moving back to his native Nairobi. “These bags come out of a great community spirit and co-exist with nature.” Whether they keep you safe from big game however, is so far unconfirmed.

Available to pre-order exclusively at Heritage1960, the leading online retailer for global African style. The trunk show offers introductory prices on all styles until August 13.

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