Buying Your First Car Shouldn’t Be A Hustle, Use These Tips From Cars45

Buying your first car in Kenya can easily turn into a full-time job because of the hustle and bustles it comes with.

It’s hectic, scary, confusing and most of all, can turn out to be a major blunder especially when buying second-hand cars which first-time owners mostly opt for.

According to Christine Muthoni, Marketing Manager Cars45 Kenya, which sells, buys and helps customers swap cars, the car sale business in Kenya is daunting because of a lack of trust, poor infrastructure and knowledge.

“Ideally, buying a second-hand car is only half the battle of the decision-making process,” she said.

“The other half comes into play where you have to be cautious about the fraudulent nature around the used car market, not to mention the actual condition of the car you are chasing.”

The platform is hoping to bring sanity to the car dealership business in Kenya which is chaotic. Below are tips from Cars45 which will make owning your first car a walk in the park.

1. Do Your Homework

Do you have the car in mind? And how can you access it? Will the owner share the required information and give you all the required info?

According to Muthoni, background checks can be a headache in Kenya but their business has solved this issue with a 212-point inspection which helps the individuals know the actual condition of the cars they are purchasing. Which, in turn, helps them make informed decisions before buying.

2. Maintenance

Your first car should be one with readily available spare parts and qualified garages. Getting spare parts for certain models is more difficult and costly than for established makes like Toyota and Nissan. Don’t be pushed into buying a car that will sleep dead in your driveway because of a lack of spares.

3. Use

If you want a car just for going to the office and back home, then a turbo-charged pick-up wouldn’t be a wise choice. Get a car that will serve your needs.

4. Fuel Economy

Again, no need to go for an engine that will reduce you to a pauper.

Depending on your pocket, pick an engine that wouldn’t frustrate you. Fuel consumption can be checked by confirming the car’s CC. This can be a very confusing bit and that’s why Cars45 has a dedicated team that helps in explaining such subjects.


As mentioned, first-time buyers are often inexperienced drivers. Buying a powerful car is not only a waste of its full potential but also a safety risk.

Without the proper experience of handling a powerful car, it’s easy for an inexperienced driver to cause an accident. Similarly, slow or old cars are an accident hazard. Cars with moderate power are more suitable for first-time buyers.


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