Buju Banton’s Performance In Nairobi Was Everything

18 February of 2020 by

Jamaican Reggae star and Grammy-winning artist Buju Banton performed in Nairobi this past weekend and it was nothing like we’ve seen before.

Buju Banton aka Gargamel was accompanied by his 10-man Shiloh band for the performance at the KICC on Saturday 15th Feb and they did deliver musical justice.

For his debut performance in Kenya and second in Africa after Ghana in 2009, the entry tune was ‘Mama Africa’ with the live band rendition to it. He stepped on stage at 1 am clad in an Ankara 3 piece suit, looking dapper from head to toe. His signature dreadlocks were loose and a genuine smile on his face to be in Kenya.

The sound was impeccable such that you could hear every word Buju said, the three background vocalists had harmonies like singing birds. Buju’s stage presence is exemplary. Everything he did was in precision, and you could see experience was leading his delivery.

Among the tunes, Buju went through for 2 hours and ten minutes include Destiny, Trust, Hills & Valleys, I wanna Be Loved, Untold stories, Close One yesterday, Not An Easy Road, Play Some More, I Don’t Know Why among other old school dancehall tracks.

With a crowd of over 4,000, the organisers NRG managed to pull a fantastic show. From security to the food and beverages, order and sensible decorum from the party-goers, it was a great night for reggae.


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