Buju Banton Recalls His Kenya Trip

18 March of 2020 by

Grammy-Award winner and Jamaica’s star Buju Banton performed in Nairobi on February 8 to over 4,000 patrons and the KICC and it was astronomical.

Buju has not been doing media interviews since his release from USA Jail in 2019 but that has since changed since he touched down in Kenya. He’s been on BBC 1Xtra with Seani B and On Stage Show hosted by Winford Williams.

Buju reiterated on both interviews the immense love for reggae music the Kenyan fans showed him.

Talking to Winford Williams, he said, “The people of Kenya wanted to share in the experience of the ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ and the organizers did a good job. Kenya is a beautiful place and they love our music. I was very impressed. I know West Africa loves reggae music – Ghana, Togo Senegal and especially the Gambia we see them demanding for proper reggae shows frequently but I never knew Kenya was so much into it as well. What is happening there is great.

On BBC he said, ‘Nairobi, The hustle and bustle of Nairobi is reminiscent to that of Kingston. Any part of Africa I touch is a great day for me. All Africa is special to me.”

Catch the full interview here


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