Buju Banton Finally Lands In The 254

Grammy-award-winning Reggae star Buju Banton has finally landed in Kenya. Fans have been waiting in bated breath to see him in the country after two previous cancellations of his show.

The star jetted in the country at 10 pm and was greeted by fans, organisers, press causing a frenzy at the JKIA port as everyone peeked for a photo op. Speaking to the public, he kissed the ground and said ‘good evening my people, can I say I’m happy to be home. We have to touch the ground, not the carpet. Africans with African pride, fighting to attain your right. Long flight, let me get something to eat in Kenya’.

He was welcomed by traditional dancers and was adorned the traditional Maasai shuka, shield and a ‘rungu’. He was ferried to his hotel in a colourful convoy and he seemed to be in high spirits just being here.

Buju will be performing at the KICC on Saturday 15th Feb. The show is expected to attract thousands of fans across the country.

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