INTERVIEW: Buddha Blaze Talks Podcasting, KE Music And More

Podcasting is steadily becoming a thing in Kenya. Many young folks are getting into the culture of listening to their fave topics at the touch of a finger.

Entertainment connoisseur, Buddha Blaze earlier this year launched the Blaze Podcast, and together with his cohost Jinx, they discuss all matters entertainment and culture in the African scene.

We caught up with the man himself and here’s our chat:

Who is Budha Blaze? 

I am an industry player, currently the chairman of the Kenya Association of Promoters. I am a journalist and my work has been published by many local magazines. I also book artists.

How did you come up with the name Buddha Blaze?

Long ago at the early stages of my career, I was a rapper and a Buddhist. I talked a lot about being good and doing good hence guys nicknamed me Budhaa.

At what point did you decide to tap into podcasting?

Mostly it was my friend and co-host Jinx who really talked me into it. He would always insist that I knew so much about the industry and hence I should speak up. My experience in the industry is massive and I’ve seen so many careers of some of the big stars grow into what they are now.

What was the inspiration behind the Blaze podcast?

The inspiration was brought up by the need of wanting to speak up about the industry and addressing some of the key issues affecting the growth of our industry.

You cover a lot of local content and culture, is there a particular reason for doing this and what are you aiming to achieve?

I felt like nobody was talking about music and when the media does it they seem to take a side or are always trying to sell with their headlines. A lot of our issues are not being articulated properly and I felt that we needed to have a voice of reason and balance hence start addressing some of these issues and in an honest way.

What do you think of the podcasts in Kenya and do you have a favorite one? 

I like the Paukwa podcast. I think they are doing a good job. I don’t have many, I am also getting to know the podcasts that are there.

What’s your take on the Kenyan music industry at the moment?

At the moment it’s great, there is a lot of awareness and now artists are able to reach out faster than before. This has made it easier for artists to record and push their music through the internet.

What drives you?

Waking up every day and knowing that am serving my people and fulfilling my passion.

If you could change anything about the Kenyan music industry what would it be?

If I could change anything its how to monetize music. How the artist makes money from selling their music, enough money to pay their team and live well. If I could change anything. It would be that.

Advise for someone who wants to follow your footsteps?

Consistency is key, then you keep learning, be open to challenges and everything will work out.

A kenyam creative who navigates through music,blogging and alternative modelling. studied music at the kenya conservatoire and film at Ranee productions.