Bring Order To Your Pantry With These 6 Simple Organization Tips

A well-organized pantry is essential for any kitchen. This is because the proper organization has a lot of benefits for your space, which include easy access to food items and minimizing wastage of food just to mention a few. Whether you have a small makeshift pantry or a large one that is allocated its own room, the following tips will ensure that you keep your pantry well organized:

Use clear storage tins

Store grains, nuts, and flours in clear jars. These foods come in different packaging and having a set of clear jars in which they are stored, can add some visual appeal to the pantry while clearly showing the different kinds of food available. Also, ensure that these jars are airtight in order to lengthen the foods’ shelf life.

Create various food zones

This can be done by using neatly labeling baskets and/or allocating shelves to specific food items. For example, a breakfast zone could have foods such as breakfast cereals, milk, sugar, and beverages, etc. while a spices zone would have stuff like curry powder, chilies, salt, masala, etc. This system makes it easier to find things in the pantry, avoid double storage, and also notice when food items are running out.


Spice up the pantry by bringing in various items such as colorful cookbooks, beautiful jar labels, coordinated storage jars or boxes, wall paint, wallpaper, etc. Such pieces elevate the pantry from just a food storage space to a room with well-thought-out and functional décor.

Light it up

Most pantry rooms or spaces are situated in the dark spots of the kitchen. Light up the pantry by adding in a light bulb. This will ensure that the space is accessible at all times, and also well used as there will be enough light to see and use all its corners.

Use lazy susans and pull-out drawers

Lazy susans and pull-out drawers allow you to access foods items that are stored in the back easily providing more storage space. A lazy susan for example can be used to store the various cooking oils or even spice jars. Pull-out drawers on the other hand are perfect for storing snacks.

Deep clean up and reorganize the pantry often

A regular deep clean of the pantry is essential in making sure that the shelves stay clean and organized. It also allows for the rearranging of the items and also identifying foods that are about to expire or need to be restocked. This in turn helps to avoid wastage and unnecessary purchases altogether.

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