Brilliant Kenyan Adventure Show “Routes” Finally Makes Its Debut

A breath of fresh air. Clichéd perhaps, but that’s what I felt when initially watched the trailer to Routes – a bright take on what can sometimes be a tired concept – “lets travel around and take video of ourselves having fun in cool places…”

We already have Instagram for that. We want more.

Routes Trailer

And the show packs more than its fair share of punch in its pilot episode, which was finally released yesterday (Monday 12).

Four self-described ‘urban nomads’ basically take themselves around Kenya – showcasing the beauty of our country, but also in many ways discovering the good, bad and ugly about themselves.

Shamit Patel, Anthony Njuguna, Acacia Aggarwal and Anna Wughanga Olila are the narrators of the story – and their chemistry on screen is pretty immediate to see. Their personalities will almost certainly be revealed to us even further over the course of the first series – but I loved that Sham sounds like that grumpy older brother who hates being inconvenienced – and that Anna is on a road trip adventure but…doesn’t drive. Their weird little weird idiosyncrasies make it feel like a fun 30 minutes that just fly by.

And that’s probably why it resonated so well with me. I hate television that overtly tries to ram lessons down your throat. Allow me to feel my way through. The first episode focused on the Camel Derby in Maralal. It was supposed to have been a grand old trip to Coast – but that’s been done enough times already. And who wouldn’t be excited about a Camel Derby…? You’ll have to actually watch the episode – I won’t give anything away!

Routes episode 1 – The Great Maralal Derby

All Photos + Videos: Routes TV

You can follow the adventures of the Routes crew by subscribing to their channel on Youtube. The next installment is expected soon. There are so many creative minds in Kenya and this is the result of not only that, but also tenacity and hard work – from the technical staff to the writers to the on screen team. This is definitely a show I will be championing over the course of its production.

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