Brenda Wairimu Announces Premiere Of Her Nollywood Movie ‘Dice’ In Kenya

Kenyan actress Brenda Wairimu has announced the premiere of her Nollywood movie ‘Dice’ in Kenya.  

The actress said she has been receiving several questions regarding what she is working on, revealing she is set to attend the premiere of her latest movie ‘Dice’ this coming Saturday.

In a post shared on her social media, she shared some of the questions she has been receiving ….

“Brenda, what have you been working on?

Brenda, when is your new movie coming out?

Brenda show vipi, where can we watch you?

Well, I have a new movie coming out. I went to Nigeria about a year ago and we shot a film there so now I’m in Nollywood.” She said,

Brenda Wairimu Reminisces about Her acting career ahead of Dice Showing in Kenya

The Disconnect actress reminisced how her career began with an audition for changing times back when she was in University.

“It’s really crazy when you think about it.” She said, adding …..

“That all this started from me going for auditions for changing times from my hostel in University, and now here we are getting to work all over the continent, being part of Nollywood now.”

“I would not have gotten where I am if it weren’t for you guys, so thank you so much.” She noted.

I hope you come and support, and watch our movie Dice, let the games begin.”


Dice which already premiered in Nigeria will show for the first time in Kenya on Saturday, 13th May 2023.

Brenda shared a message on Instagram ahead of its release in Kenya, writing….

“Nollywood we have arrived.

Our film Dice premiers this Saturday in Kenya after a successful release in Nigeria!!!” Adding ….

“I hope to see y’all at the movies.”

The movie is a Nigerian/Kenyan drama thriller and comedy feature film, shot in Lagos and Nairobi.