Breaking the chains of addiction

We can all agree that there is a major rise in substance abuse and behavioural addictions.

A walk within the streets of Nairobi and you encounter super dazed individuals openly shooting up drugs.

It’s very unfortunate that our society has come to accept this as the new normal.

We simply quickly start away chest-thumping on how that could never be us.

Conversely, are we really better off than “them” or are we just better at hiding our additions?

What is addiction? It’s a condition where one is unable to stop the use of a substance or the engagement in a behaviour.

Don’t get me wrong, definitely degrees do vary in addiction but are you predisposing yourself to it through detrimental behaviour.

Do you or a loved one need help? Below are some tips that can help you break the chains of addiction.

Accept that you need help

One of the easiest ways to identify addiction is the study of patterns. Is the pattern affecting your day-to-day life and inhibiting functionality? In the event, you answered yes then maybe it’s time you owned up and evaluated your recovery options. You cannot address anything that you do not acknowledge.

Seek help

Willpower won’t kill the addiction. Most people who struggle with addiction think they will successfully pull out of it by willpower. Regrettably most sink deeper due to the frustration of being unable to do it. Talk to your support system ( friends, family ) about getting you help.

See a professional

Addiction is a disease like any other. We recommend that enlist the help of a qualified professional such as a psychologist.

Intentionally commit

This journey isn’t easy but it’s doable. Intentionality goes a long way toward ushering you or your loved one to freedom.

Change your association and environment

You can’t heal at the place you got hurt. Identify your triggers/influences and keep off them. Align with people who will support your healing.

In conclusion, extend grace and compassion to yourself or other people battling addictions and remember, you cant address what you don’t confront.

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