BRCK Kio Kit: Revolutionizing Kenyan Education

BRCK Education, a Nairobi-based technology company, just took a small leap for technology but a giant leap for our country’s school children.

While we have had a free public education system since 2003, the associated costs of textbooks, uniforms and, especially, technology can be unbearably high for some. With BRCK Education’s “Kio Kit” that problem might be solved.

“What we are doing is not just selling technology,” reads a recent BRCK press release. “We passionately believe in our ability to positively impact the quality of learning of students in Kenya.”

The Kio Kit operates as a storage cloud that can both hold and charge 40 separate tablets wirelessly. When turned on, it houses a web server where multiple students can share digital content such as textbooks, thereby cutting individual costs by the thousands. The children-adaptable Kio tablets are to be bought separately, but since they are considered rather valuable, BRCK also provides the Kio Kit with a rugged, lockable coffer where the tablets may be stored to prevent theft.

Kio Kits are available for pre-order today and will be made available to the public on Jan. 1, 2016. Learn more here and check out footage from the launch below:

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.