Brandy Maina On Not Doing Collaborations Unless with Specific Artists

Singer Brandy Maina has revealed her pool of possible collaborators in 2023 is limited.

The singer known for some of the most popular collaborations including ‘Danger Dinji’ revealed, going forward in 2023 she can only release projects in collaboration with 5 Kenyan artists.

Brandy Maina shared her only possible collaborators are Rappers Nyashinski and Femi One as well as the group Watendawili.

Maina also divulged she can collaborate with singer Kinoti and the group Fathermoh, writing on Twitter ….

“Unless it’s Nyash, Kinoti, Watendawili, Femi or Fathermoh, I’m not doing any more collaborations this year.

Brandy Maina Asks Not To Be Interviewed

Aside from her limited collaboration pool, the singer revealed she is not keen on doing any interviews, writing ….

“Leave me out of interviews as well”

“I need to Preserve Energy For Release Of My EP”

The singer had to later clarify reasons for her creative and exposure reservations going forward, writing on her Instagram page,

“I can tell the people pressed about my tweet are not artists cause they don’t get the back end.”


“I’ve been doing collaborations for a while now and I haven’t really taken time to work on my solo project.”

The singer added collaborations take time, money and effort to push and she needs to preserve that energy for the release of her EP in 2023.