Book Lover? Here Are 4 Stores You Must Visit

Books! You probably love how good a hard copy feels or even how good they look on your shelf. Better yet you enjoy reading them! Book stores in and out of Nairobi are offering the best book services.

Here are 4 book stores whose book aisles are definitely worth your time!

Bookstore Yaya
We all love to have a good coffee and hang out at Yaya but their book store is one that beckons a reader! With a variety of books in store, it’s definitely a reader’s hub. If you are an avid reader this is a worthy book shop for you!

Text Book Center (TBC)
Funny how we always thought its a center for textbooks only aka school books! TBC has proven to have all audiences covered with different streams of books. The store that is widely spread all over Nairobi is a must-visit especially the Sarit Text Book Center – it’s a heaven of books!

Keswick Bookshop
A good book store is well spread and found near you! That is Keswick Bookshop for you. To add the icing on the cake, they have remarkable gifts (relevant to the different seasons). Make a stopover and grab your fave read today!

Rafu Books

We don’t know how hooked you are to your books but we sure hope you are addicted! Rafu Books is another store worthy of your time not only does it avail your variety, it’s very accessible. Click the link to find out more about Rafu Books.

To the lover of a good book, what’s your current read? Perhaps recommend one for us!

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