Boiler Room To Host Their First Event In Kenya, Feature MDQ In New Documentary 

True Music Africa is finally giving Kenyans a chance to enjoy one of their coveted tours after announcing they will be hosting their first show in the country on May 10, 2018.

Organized by Boiler Room in partnership with Ballantine’s Whisky, the tour will be the third installment of their cross-continent tour and will see local artists such as Muthoni Drummer Queen, EA Wave, SURAJ, Coco Em and Taio (Cosmic Homies) take the stage in Kenya.

True Music hopes to showcase best urban music market in the country and cover a wide scope of sounds ranging from Afro-house, dance, electro to hip-hop.

With now under two weeks left to the event, Boiler Room has also released a documentary featuring MDQ and the other five artists who share more about the music scene in Kenya and some of the challenges they come across.

True Music is a sub-brand of Ballantine, a Scottish producer of a range of Blended Scotch whiskies while Boiler Room is an independent music platform and cultural curator that links club culture and the wider world.

Collectively, Boiler Room has organised over 4,000 performances which has seen more than 5000 artists perform in a total of close to 150 cities.

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