Boda Boda Riders Sign Pledge to be Peace Ambassadors ahead of Elections  

Boda Boda operators are a huge part of the country’s transport system. Over one million Boda-Bodas under the Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya (BAK), have agreed to preach and observe peace before, during, and after the general elections on August 9th. Recently, some of these (mostly men) have been involved in violent acts and other illegal activities. Most of the operators are upstanding citizens who are part of building the nation. 

In a meeting held in Nairobi, more than one hundred officials of the BAK led by their National Executive Chairman, Kevin Mubadi, endorsed and adopted the Mkenya Daima Leadership and Peace Pledge, with an aim to spread the Mkenya Daima message of peace and responsible voting within their localities. 

Through BAK representing an estimated 1.6 million Boda Boda riders across the country, the officials committed to being ambassadors of peace, including promoting patriotism and non-violence in their electioneering conduct. “Peace is important for the success of the Boda Boda industry because it is almost impossible to complete the transportation cycle anywhere in Kenya today without the use of Boda Bodas. Our members have enormous influence and reach in both the urban and rural communities where they live and operate, and this is where voting will take place. BAK is, therefore, a vital organ in carrying this peace and accountability message to the people, even as we near the election date,” said Mubadi.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Vimal Shah, Chairman Mkenya Daima said it was important for all Kenyans to interrogate who they want to vote for, to safeguard and guarantee the peace necessary for socio-economic stability that is essential for businesses continuity and prosperity for Kenya as a nation. 

The Mkenya Daima Initiative 2022 seeks to promote the election of transformative leaders, increase awareness among Kenyans of the desired qualities of a good leader, and enhance positive discourse on a prosperous Kenya by increasing hope, confidence, and optimism among Kenyans. 

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