Bob Collymore Is Taking No Fashion Advice From Sauti Sol

The members of Sauti Sol are no strangers to sparking up conversations both online on social media and via various media. They have been subjected to everyone and anyone feeling like they have the right to comment on the group’s activities. From them airing certain opinions, their music and collaboration choices but what many fans love to focus on (the most) is their style/fashion choices.

When it comes to style and fashion, Sauti Sol definitely takes some risks from time to time. So expressive/stylish/fashionable/bold (any other adjective) are their choices that one of their “less popular” outfits which they wore during 2015’s Coke Studio Africa performance with Yemi Alade made it to an exhibition in the UK, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery; the first major exhibition in the UK dedicated to African fashion. The exhibition ran on the 8th of January, this year.

Sometimes, they may decide to show up at one event clad in classy, tailor-made suits, with or without a touch of our vitenge:

Image result for bob collymore and sauti sol

And sometimes, like on this fateful day in 2015, they will dress up in outfits most KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) made fun of continuously,  calling them “mosquito nets” even going to the extent of labeling them the new brand ambassadors for the ‘Kick Malaria Out of Africa’ campaign.

Sauti Sol's mosquito-like outfit

Unfortunately (for Sauti Sol), KOT weren’t the only ones who noticed and commented on the group’s outfits on that day (and who could blame anyone who spoke on the outfits anyway?).

Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, while speaking to Sunday Nation’s pullout magazine Buzz, revealed that he likes Sauti Sol’s music, saying that “These young men make me so proud” because they take their craft seriously and they are making waves globally. All true facts, right?

He added jokingly that he would be much happier if they would buy new clothes that don’t have holes in them and that aren’t so tight either.

Well Mr. Collymore, “clothes with holes in them” are called “rugged” and they are not called “tight”, more like fitting.

I do however get where he’s coming from. Who’d expect the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Kenya, at his age, to dress the way four young entertainers chose to?

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