Blinky Bill, Mayonde x MDQ Come Together To Release New Single

The weather might not be the friendliest to most but this dynamic trio has gone out of it’s way to ensure that we have a tune we’re going to be dancing away to, as we try to warm ourselves up.

Produced by Blinky Bill, mixed and mastered by Eric Musyoka, “I’m Feelin’ It” is a feel good jam which starts off with the beautiful vocals of Mayonde, as she talks about a party scene and letting loose on the dance floor.

Blinky Bill’s verse is on second, “…kama vitu ni kali hakuna swali/vitu nafanya nafanya ili nipate mali… he raps. He goes on to say, “…mbwa akitingiza mkia ataskia dizzy/na nyani akianza kulia apewe ndizi…” which I need help translating cuz I really don’t understand what that first part means.

MDQ wraps the song up with she’s doing great and she doesn’t really care about the haterade. She’s in a good space and of course, a little bragging wouldn’t miss on this “Watu wa maraps, ombeni maverse, ombeni collabo, wekeni masnaps, na mahshtag, wekeni kwa chats, semeni nimewamurder…”.

The production of this track is so crisp and the vocals of all the artists sound great. It’s no wonder it’s a banger.

Blinky Bill will be performing live at The Alchemist on Friday, Nov 22nd. Advance tickets are Kshs. 1500, available on and Kshs. 2,5oo at the gate.

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