Blinky Bill Drops Debut EP

When Just A Band informed the world earlier this year of their hiatus, our hearts broke. A long and cold winter of a life without Just A Band began. But the sun is shining once again, we all have a reason to smile because Blinky Bill is giving us music.

Blinky Bill dropped his debut EP ‘We Cut Keys While You Wait’ on Friday 26th August just in time for the weekend. The 6 Track EP features some familiar names like Nairobidhobi his fellow Just A Bandmate, Shappaman and Sage.

Blinky Bill brings an experimental dance vibe to this project, and it is a pure joy to listen to. He also released visuals to ‘Kwani Iko Nini’, his first video as a solo artist.

Peep it here!

You can stream the entire EP for free on his soundcloud or show your support and buy it for any price you wish.

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