Blackstreet And SWV Touch Down In Nairobi

Throwback artists are clearly the new black in Kenya these days – not that I’m complaining.

When a fan favourite pulls off an exciting performance and takes you back to some of the best music moments you’ve ever lived through, it’s a great thing. Dru Hill pulled it off; Soul 4 Real, not so much.

Best known for their mega hit No-Diggity, featuring Dr.Dre and Queen Pen, Blackstreet dominated the global music charts in the 90s with their style of R &B and Hip Hop fusion earning them a 1998 Grammy Award for Best R&B performance.

The trio SWV will hopefully play some their biggest tunes Weak, Right Here et cetera

I am really really hoping this turns out to be something special.

The organisers say it will be:

The special Valentine’s Week affair will be taking place at our go-to venue for big deal names these days – the KICC tomorrow.

That we already knew.

What we didn’t know is just how much effort the organisers are putting into the experience itself, to make it memorable. Here’s hoping the artists come correct.

What to expect:

Depending on the category of ticket that you purchase (they range from 5000 to 25000 shillings) you will receive a three course dinner, a wine list courtesy of Sarova Hotels, food in line with the spirit of romance and lots of chocolate as well.

Nana Gecaga who will be working to ensure everything goes off as planned said that it will be a massive feat hosting pioneers of New Jack Swing on the KICC stage.

Buoyed by the resounding success of the Kool and The Gang concert, Nimu reckons that the Blackstreet and SWV concert will one of a kind.

There will be a three course dinner, Red wine served by Sarova Hotels, romantic food (what does that even mean, though) and chocolates to cement relationships, rekindle those that are plateuing and evoke something special during the festive season.

The Groups should be taking in Maasai Mara, the Hub in Karen and a Bush Breakfast in a bid to endorse Kenya as a tourist destination.

Advance tickets to the event are currently available on and MPESA paybill number 314450 for Ksh 3,000 (Regular) Ksh.10,000 VIP Ksh. 25,000 (VVIP).

Ticket holders will receive a variety of special giveaways including gifts, dinner packages and complimentary hotel vouchers

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