BlackRhino Launches Africa’s First AR Cloud Editor, MediAR

In a landmark move, BlackRhino VR, an Extended Reality Tech Company, has officially launched “MediAR.” This is a pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) platform poised to revolutionize content creation within the creative economy. Positioned as Africa’s first user-friendly AR cloud editor and publishing platform, MediAR employs drag-and-drop technology. This alleviates the traditionally steep learning curve associated with coding while enabling the rapid development and publication of AR content.

According to BlackRhino VR’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Afande, MediAR is a strategic response to the imperative of unlocking Africa’s creative sector through AR technology. Afande further articulates the platform’s primary objectives. “Our goal is to empower Africa’s youth, the innovators of the future, to expand their skill sets, scale up innovations, and democratize extended reality technologies for accessible use. Ultimately, these immersive technologies can actively contribute to Africa’s socio-economic development.” He says.

MediAR At A Glance

MediAR was one of the 20 beneficiaries of the ACP-EU through the Ignite Culture program. The AR project received 180,000 EUR through Ignite Culture. This is an initiative that supports the growth of the cultural and creative sector in East Africa.

The AR platform has a unique and inclusive revenue-sharing model based on a pay-per-view service, creating a collaborative digital ecosystem for content creators and brands. BlackRhino VR invites content creators across Africa to leverage the platform. It aims to foster the development of an Internet economy that creates jobs, reduces poverty, and contributes to the continent’s overall progress. Interested users can access via MediAR’s official website.

Longino Muluka, Head of AR/VR at BlackRhino VR insists that the integration of XR technology into other sectors of the economy is key for positive impact on Africa’s economy and future. “Augmented Reality can create immersive experiences where linear blueprints seamlessly transform into 3D models. For instance, we are witnessing a new era where technology and creativity intertwine to create powerful visualization tools adding immense value to the dynamic construction industry.” Adds Muluka.

The global extended reality (XR) market, encompassing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, is valued at USD 29.26 billion in 2022. It is projected to exceed USD 100 billion by 2026.

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