The Biggest Trends Showcased At The East Africa Fashion Week

14 July of 2017 by

East Africa Fashion Week (EAFW2017) has, in the past, been an opportunity for designers and fashion houses across Africa to meet, mingle, learn from and grow each other. Industry players from across the region gather once a year to define what the new trends are for East Africa’s most fashionable, and this year’s event was no different.

EAFW comprised of a designers forum involving all the designers who took part in EAFW2017, and of course the main event – a fashion show that allowed around 15 separate artists from the region, and some specially invited guest designers to sell their ideas to the most influential.

Some of the designers showcasing their art pieces at this year’s event included:

From Kenya

Uvazi Couture


Kasikana Collection

Imanibijuou Creations

Affridah Designs

All images courtesy of Brian Otieno.

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