Big Ted Hits Back At KOT After Trolling Him For Praising Uhuru

State House Director of Brand Strategy and Events Big Ted has reacted to thousands of attacks on social media directed at him for showing his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.

On social media, Big Ted said that he enjoyed the attacks from Kenyans and he’ll use them to grow rather than turn bitter.

“People tend to criticize OTHERS most loudly in the area where they themselves have the deepest emotional need – think about it,” he said responding to over 4000 tweets raining attacks on him.

“I love being criticized IN there I find my way, I love being criticized in there I find my True North, I love being criticized in there I find my faults, I love being criticized in there I evaluate the Critic’s Intention Honestly.

“I love being criticized in there I show Gratitude to those who Offer Constructive Criticism, I love being criticized coz in here I consider the Suggestions not the Tone of the Feedback. I love being criticized than being praised because CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is the FUEL of champions..”

“KOT while at it guys PLEASE GET INSPIRED by reading my blog DAILY.

Watch the video below:

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