Big Square Mombasa Rd Renamed After Anto Neosoul

Kenyan food chain Big Square in an effort to attract more customer has embarked on a creative way to market their branches.

This past week, Big Square Mombasa Road renamed the branch after recording artist and entrepreneur Anto Neosoul. Anto scored the naming right after his fans voted him in an ongoing competition #YourSquare to beat Fena and other artists.

The branch now has photos of Anto on all its walls inscribed #AntoSquare. Anto will be hosting events there time to time to attract customers for in-dining while offering gift vouchers and coupons.

Anto took to Social Media to share his excitement. “First Kenyan artist to have a building/establishment named after him”.

The food chain is putting other branches up for grabs and we shall see other celebrities adopt a branch including 680, Thika Road, Karen and Lavington.

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