Big Names Out For New Play Set To Open Next Week

17 September of 2018 by

The theatre scene continues to grow in new and unexpected ways in Kenya in 2018.

Considered by some to be a dying medium, shows written, directed and performed by a young generation of Kenyan talent is helping to raise its profile – and the profile of those who engage in it.

Tony Tini Tone Productions (TTT) – presents THE MONEY THAT MADE HIM POOR, a new production directed and written by award-winning acclaimed writer and producer: Tina Nduba. The play that tackles themes of Greed, Power and Family is set to premiere this September with 12 shows lined up at The Louis Leakey Auditorium from 27th of September.

And there are some recognisable names in this particular production – either on or off stage.

Veterans Benson Ochungho and Lucy Mwachala will be leading young talent such as Sean Andrews and Anne Mwaura of Hits not Homework.

Pascal Tokodi will be hosting the shows while Mayonde will deliver acoustic performances.

The trailer for the show was shot and directed by filmmaker Mbithi Masya and promo images shot and directed by celebrity Tintseh.

THE MONEY THAT MADE HIM POOR is a story of WB played by Noah Chiruyi—  a young man who is forced into the world of corruption and backdoor deals. After the death of his father, he is forced to choose between family or fortune.

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