Bien’s Solo Album Inspired By True Events: These Are Stories From My Life

Did you happen to know that Sauti Sol’s lead singer Bien was born along Uhuru Highway just outside Nyayo Stadium?

Well, singer Bien Baraza has dropped his latest album titled ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless’ which according to the singer, was inspired by his true-life stories. Just like the one mentioned above.

During an interview with Willis Raburu, Bien shared the extraordinary story of his birth, revealing how he was born at the Nyayo Stadium roundabout. He recounted how his mother, en route to Nairobi Hospital for delivery, experienced labor at the Nyayo Stadium roundabout, prompting an unexpected roadside birth.

The Kenyan heartthrob expressed his occasional reflection on this unique birthplace when stuck in traffic along the same road. He humorously mentioned how the roundabout holds sentimental value as the location where his umbilical cord was cut.

The singer also delved into the inspiration behind his latest album, “Alusa Why Are You Topless?” He disclosed that the album’s title is a nod to his mother’s reaction when Sauti Sol released the controversial hit song “Nishike” in April 2014. Bien’s mother called him, questioning why he appeared topless on the song’s cover, leading him to adopt the catchy album title.

Additionally, Bien revealed that the album’s name pays homage to his grandfather, who was named Alusa. While he is widely known as Bien, his family affectionately calls him Alusa.

The decision to go topless on the cover of his solo album holds deeper significance for Bien, symbolizing the courage and audacity he developed during the challenges faced after the release of “Nishike.”

Despite initial setbacks and cancellations, the song’s international success propelled Sauti Sol to new heights.

As the Sauti Sol members pursue individual careers after the release of Bien’s solo album on November 17, 2023, he emphasized the freedom and audacity represented by going topless—a visual metaphor for breaking free from the norm and embracing risk.

The quartet had initially planned their final performance as a group during Sol Fest but later announced another gig, allowing fans a final opportunity to experience their collective magic before embarking on separate paths. The additional gig requires revelers to pay entrance fees ranging from Ksh30,000 to Ksh35,000.

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