Bien: Solfest Made About Ksh 100M

Bien Aime Barasa is currently on his European tour, which has proven to be a lucrative endeavor. The announcement of the tour resulted in the swift sell-out of tickets in London, Denmark, and Sweden.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming anticipation of his performance, particularly for his debut solo album ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’, Barasa remarked, “It’s a blessing.”

In a recent interview with Iko Nini Podcast, the musician shed light on various aspects of his career, including his association with Sauti Sol. He acknowledged the likelihood of performing Sauti Sol songs during his shows, emphasizing the importance of keeping their music alive and maintaining streaming numbers.

Barasa hinted at a potential absence from Kenyan shows this year due to frustrations, stating, “Given the current situation in Kenya, I don’t feel inclined to perform at others’ events this year. Understand, I am financially secure; I have been compensated adequately.”

Reflecting on Sauti Sol’s concert ventures, Barasa highlighted the favorable conditions in the music business.

He revealed significant earnings from ticket sales and merchandise at Sol Fest, totaling over Sh100 million. Barasa asserted his control over his business endeavors, emphasizing his ability to navigate the industry independently and build a sustainable economy around his brand.

“I have never had bad experiences in any concert. Kitambo lakini, ma promoter drama, lakini nilisha pita hizo days kwa career yangu. Saa hii niko na structure in my life. I am able to see red flags before an event and I can pull out. sikuji utanisumbua. Staki headache.”

After Sauti So did Sol Fest, ticket sales were like Sh70 million. Actually, 70 mike plus. 70 something. Then merchandise another like ten mike something. Sponsorships inafika hata soo sasa. (Sh100million). Sasa nani atanilipa hiyo pesa?

Even if they tell me Bien you are not worth Sh100m because you are not Sauti Sol, that’s not you, I am a quarter of Sauti Sol haiya that’s 25, ok sema you won’t sing Sauti Sol songs utanilipa how much money? So I just go about my business. I am in control of everything, I’m building a whole economy around myself.”

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