Bien Okay With Eric Omondi’s Wife Material: “He’s Not The First To Have Such’

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien thinks Ezekiel Mutua and a majority of Kenyans overreacted regarding Eric Omondi’s controversial reality show Wife Material.

Bien believes the show was not out of line as the KFCB boss insisted and that It’s not Omondi’s duty to mind what young kids watch.

“There is no morality. Eric is not doing this for your son to watch,” said the singer.

“It is up to you to figure out what your son is watching make sure it is not Wife Material but there is an audience for that type of content and he should rightfully so do it. I know he has been caught by the DCI. Let me tell you when the government comes in, it is tough.”

Sauti Sol was among a shortlist of guests Omondi invited when launching the show a little over two weeks ago. He believes everything went perfect during the launch and the ugly fight that took place later on, is something that happens with such type of shows.

“Things went well on that day. We sang for his ‘wives and they all received a pace earpiece courtesy of the boys -Sauti Sol,” said Bien.

“But here is what I feel about Eric Omondi, when we as Kenyans start watching things like Real Housewives of  Atlanta and the black Americans start fighting, very often than not we enjoy that kind of trash TV. But now when it is in your backyard all of a sudden it becomes uncomfortable.”

Bien argued that people rushed to complain only because it’s a local show.

“We need to check ourselves,” he said.

“What he has done is not unique to him it is something that people all over the world do all the time. So I think we need to remove the log in our eyes before removing the speck in Eric’s eye.”

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