Bien Clarifies on Fallout with Sauti Sol Before Band’s Break Up

In a recent interview with Obinna on June 5th, Bien shed light on the separation of the popular Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol. The group’s decision to take a break has sparked speculation and curiosity among fans about the circumstances surrounding the split.

When asked if his decision to transition into a solo career as Bien was a move to “throw Sauti Sol under the bus,” Bien clarified that the decision was a collective one aimed at preserving their friendship and brotherhood. “It got to that point where it felt like the best next decision for us to make sure that our friendship and our brotherhood stays intact,” he explained. “For us, the music is great, but nothing is greater than the brothers I have in Savara, Chimano, and Polycarp.”

Bien emphasized that the break was a necessary step for the group, noting that “all groups take breaks.” He acknowledged that the decision was not an easy one, given the band’s success and popularity, including sold-out venues in America, Europe, and their own Sol Festival in Kenya.

When pressed about who initiated the idea of taking a break, Bien revealed that the group had sought guidance from a life coach, and through their conversations, they reached a consensus. “I can say that all of us were there, we had a life coach, and as we conversed with the life coach, we came to a consensus,” he said.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Bien expressed his gratitude for the music they created as Sauti Sol and the lasting impact it will have. “I feel I’m happy with the music we made as Sauti Sol. I think we made songs that will be here for a very long time,” he remarked.

As Bien embarks on his solo journey, he acknowledges the difficulties of walking away from the band’s success but remains focused on building his career anew. “I’m building now again, there are so many things about Sauti Sol that I miss,” he said.

The interview sheds light on the amicable nature of the band’s separation and their commitment to preserving their friendship, even as they explore individual artistic paths.