Betty Kyallo Hits 100,000 Subscribers in Just A Month

Celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo is in a celebratory mood after hitting the much-coveted 100,000 subscribers on Youtube early this morning.

She reached that target in just a month since starting her channel ‘Betty Kyallo Lately’ making her one of the fastest rising Youtubers in Kenya.

Betty took to her Instagram page to thank her loyal fans for supporting her in this new venture.

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Betty is now one of the Youtube Silver Play Award recipients as they are automatically awarded to every creator who hits the 100,000 mark.

Creators such as Joanna Kinuthia, Wabosha Maxine, Wajesus Family, Waniz Sharon and Alex Mathenge are some who have previously been awarded the silver play button for reaching 100K subscribers on the platform.

The biggest Youtube channel in Kenya today is Churchill Show and Citizen Tv who each have over a million subscribers. They have the coveted Gold Play Button.

Kyallo’s latest success comes just after the re-launch of her beauty parlour ‘Flair’ which is in a new and bigger location in Rose Avenue, Kiliamani. The guest of honour at the event was former Prime Minister Raila’s wife Ida Odinga.

Ida Odinga graces Betty Kyallo's relaunch of her posh beauty ...

In an interview two weeks ago with Jalang’o, Betty revealed that the salon is fully furnished with a massage parlour, a private VIP room for women, a barbershop and a kids salon.

“I wanted the children to have a place where they can colour and get entertained,” she said then.

Congratulations Betty!

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