Best Kenyan Movies/Series To Binge Watch This Weekend

What are you watching? I mean we know if you are not working on something like making a meal, you are probably in front of that screen loyally glued to it. Here’s a top 4 movies/series list to enlighten the mood and keep that popcorn popping as you home quarantine during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Ma Empress
Ladies can be dramatic, smart ..ladies can literally be everything. The dramatic comedy series serves everything and in a manner that appreciates struggles of different women, the show that is filled with humour, relationship differences, woman empowerment, friendships and job ethics will have you glued on Maisha Magic East, be sure to catch the re-runs.

Plan B
Sarah Hussein stars in this amazing romantic drama where we meet a lady who was sadly dumped, in an aim to forget her hurt she opts for a drink and as fate would have it from a one night stand she gets pregnant and cannot remember the man in play. So many thrills in this as Kate Actress plays fake lawyer in the hope of getting the man responsible to act right. The show does not disappoint and in the best way possible unveils this amazing romance. You can catch it on Youtube.

Brenda Wairimu stars in this amazing drama acted in Lamu . The movie revolves around a young Muslim lady who hopes to change her life around and chase her dreams, so many hardships follows. This amazing drama has so much to offer from stars such as Nice Githinji and Tirath Padam. The movie sells Lamu in its best from Swahili culture, to the Swahili foods definitely one to watch on Youtube.

You Again
Nick Mutuma and Mimi Mars bring romance to its feet again. This amazing romantic movie has so much appreciation to the urban nature. The movie touches a lot on what youth go through on a daily from losing jobs, to office abuse and relationships. It’s one for the watch, not only does the on-screen chemistry entice but the movie is indeed a seller. You can catch it on Youtube and share with us your thoughts.

What Kenyan movies are you binge-watching? Feel free to share with us. Enjoy the above and remember to keep your hands clean and away from your face !!!