Benzema Condemns Sexual Violence In His New Song, Explains Inspiration Behind New Track

For years now, Gengetone artists have been criticized for producing vulgar content and promoting immorality, however, Ochungulo’s family Benzema has turned tabled with his new track titled ‘Paka Permit’.

The song sends a strong message to the community at large in regard to sexual violence and understanding consent.

Speaking in a video after the release of his new song, Benzema stated that he felt the need express his concern over rape cases which have become rampant not just in our nation but in other parts of the globe.

“It is something which the whole world is going through. Let us say no to rape.” he stated

According to Benzema, this is a song that is quite personal for him and he relates to since he fell victim to false rape accusations.

“This is something that has happened to both of us. Murasta was raped and I was falsely accused so it is a very emotional song to us,” he said in the video

The singer further encouraged people to ensure that there is consent before engaging in sexual relations and join his movement to fight rape in society.

Comparing his track to the previously released ‘Ngwatiology’, the artist has taken a key interest in ‘sexual education’ and aims at using his platform to send informative messages with most of his fans being the youth.

What seems like a sharp turn in his approach towards Gengetone music comes at a time when moral police Ezekiel Mutua has been constantly encouraging content creators to produce clean content.


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