Bensoul: Battle With TB Almost Made Me Give Up On Music Career

Talented Sol generation artist Bensoul has revealed one of his most difficult experiences that almost put an end to his music career.

In a detailed narration, the favorite song hitmaker told of his hardships in pursuit of his music career and how things hit rock bottom after he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

The singer had been coughing for a month and lost so much weight that resulted in him having an HIV scare which was ruled out after he went for a test.

His deteriorating health forced him to go to his rural home where he was later diagnosed with TB. Describing it as one of his lowest moments, Bensoul reveals that he ended up giving away all his songs and lost hope in his music career.

“I nearly gave up on my music because if  I could not sing, and I can’t explain what I’ve written to anyone because only I understand it. There is no point in doing music,” he stated

At this point, the singer had the option to reconsider going back to campus to continue with the engineering course he had called quits on after the third year of his studies.

Things however took a different turn after he got back his inspiration and coincidentally, famous band Sauti Sol had intentions to sign him on their record label.

Signing the contract under Sol Generation opened new doors for the artist and saw him release several hits; Lucy, Forever, Favourite song, and also featured in Sauti Sol’s projects.

Although his journey has seemingly not been a smooth path as he recounts the days he used to stay in Land Mawe and later Kayole after he linked up with Hart the Band music group.

Bensoul is one of the artists who is currently living his dream considering that he has always been passionate about music since he was 3.

Speaking in Sauti Sol’s reality show, Bien praised the singer revealing that he is bound to be the biggest artist in Africa.

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