Beneath The Baobabs Festival To Mark Its 10th Anniversary This December

In its 10th spectacular edition, the annual Beneath The Baobabs festival is set to paint Kilifi with pomp, and color. From December 30, 2023, to January 1, 2024, festival-goers will converge above the source of Takaungu Creek to celebrate the contemporary and alternative East African culture in a truly immersive experience.

The festival, known for its vibrant and diverse lineup, promises a musical journey that transcends genres. On the agenda is a cocktail of multiple music genres including AfroHouse, Hip-Hop, and Electronic Music. Over 60 artists and DJs will grace the stages, ensuring maximum entertainment throughout the three days of festivities. The stellar lineup includes the likes of Boohle, Culoe De Song, Thandi Draai, Fabian Krooss, Vallerie Muthoni, Blocka Beats, Dipa Konnection, Kaa La Moto, Lemi, MGM, and KNVL, among many others.

Beneath The Baobabs Beyond The Music

Beyond the musical realm, Beneath The Baobabs aims to provide a holistic arts experience. In addition to musicians and DJs, the festival will showcase dancers, percussionists, cultural performers, actors, and acrobats, creating an inclusive celebration of various art forms. The goal is to enrich the festival experience, offering attendees a diverse and immersive cultural journey.

The festival’s stages will not only host incredible performances but will also serve as canvases for visual artistry. Scenic and immersive stages will be enhanced with unique lighting and stage design concepts, including laser shows and projection mapping. Attendees can expect to witness the transformative power of lighting designers, artists, volunteers, and set designers as they turn the 50-acre festival site into a mesmerizing art gallery.

In case one is seeking a break from the pulsating beats, the Kisima area awaits. Dedicated to wellness practices, workshops, talks, therapies, and art, Kisima provides a serene space for meaningful discussions, human connections, and personal growth. Festival-goers can immerse themselves in an environment filled with peace, creativity, and mutual understanding.

Moreover, in line with its commitment to innovation, Beneath The Baobabs continues to be a cashless festival. Every attendee will receive a cashless wristband to make purchases at all bars. This is to ensure quick and seamless transactions while prioritizing safety and eliminating the hassle of cash handling.

Lastly, environmental consciousness is a key focus for the festival, proudly banning all single-use plastics. Attendees are welcome to join the movement and eliminate these pollutants from their everyday lives. Notably, Beneath The Baobabs Festival proudly declares itself the first “Carbon Neutral Festival in Africa.” Through offsetting emissions, the festival contributes to the protection of hundreds of acres of forest in partnership with Wildlife Works.

Ticketing Details

Tickets and more information about the festival are available on the official Beneath The Baobabs website. Save a date.

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