Behind Azziad’s Success: The Indispensable Role of Manager Peter Kawa in Shaping Her Thriving Career

Azziad’s manager, Peter Kawa, couldn’t help but gush about the incredible content creator during a recent interview.

Talking to Phil Director, Kawa delved into their professional journey, tracing back to their early collaboration before Azziad’s meteoric rise to fame in 2020.

It was Azziad’s enchanting dance videos to Femi One’s hit track ‘Utawezana’ that catapulted her into the limelight, spreading like wildfire across various social media platforms. Her mesmerizing dance moves, infectious smile, and distinctive blonde hair quickly made her an overnight sensation.

The internet exploded with excitement, and Azziad’s video soared to the top of Twitter’s trending list, racking up hundreds of retweets in no time.

But as the saying goes, “The higher you climb, the harder you fall.” Unfortunately, the trend took a sour turn when some Twitter users started digging up Azziad’s past videos and photos, subjecting her to unwarranted criticism and scrutiny.

Accusations of excessive filtering and claims that she looked different without makeup began to circulate. Some individuals even went so far as to manipulate her images to fit their own biased narratives.

It was during this challenging period that Peter Kawa stepped in as Azziad’s manager, providing crucial support and guidance. Reflecting on their partnership, Kawa emphasized that while he played a pivotal role in managing her career, it was Azziad’s unwavering determination and tireless work ethic that propelled her to where she stands today.

“We simply organized and maximized the available resources to support her. She is an incredibly diligent individual who treats everyone with equality. She is blessed and deeply devoted to her faith,” Kawa stated.

Kawa and Azziad’s paths first crossed in 2017 after high school when she joined a group led by Kawa. Their shared passion for acting brought them closer, and it was in 2018 that Kawa drafted a contract outlining his role in Azziad’s burgeoning career.

Encouraging her to create content, they embarked on an exciting collaborative journey. Azziad’s passion for platforms like TikTok and Instagram fueled her rapid ascent in 2020. However, with newfound fame came a slew of challenges.

Kawa vividly remembers finding Azziad overwhelmed, her phone bombarded with thousands of unread messages, and enduring relentless online trolling, even on WhatsApp group chats where she was added solely to be ridiculed.

“Her phone had over 50k unread messages. Even when she went offline, people would still troll her on WhatsApp. Some individuals would even add her to groups just to mock her and then remove her. That’s when I officially took on the role of her manager.”

It was at that critical juncture that Kawa formally became her manager. Together, they implemented measures to safeguard Azziad’s well-being, providing her with a new phone and SIM card.

Kawa emphasized that success doesn’t happen overnight and highlighted Azziad’s unwavering ambition to become a superstar. Her dream materialized unexpectedly quickly, and Kawa couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments.

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