Beginners Guide: 5 Horse Riding Essentials

Horse riding is one fantastic hang-out idea that is outside the traditional ‘meet and eat’ type of dates. If you’re looking for a new activity to chill with your date, then horse riding can quench that need for adrenaline and help you face your phobias. Additionally, horse riding by the beach and stables are on the rise in Kenya.

Here are basic tips on what to wear when going horse riding;

Comfortable Pants

Jodhpur pants and breeches are what you would typically wear in horseback riding. They are designed to allow you to move freely, they fit your body and are strong enough to help you avoid rubbing and chafing. But some thick not so tight, and not flare pants would suit the purpose for that one time or beginner-level horse riding.


Boots with at least 1/2 inch heels are mandatory for horseback riding. They prevent your feet from slipping forward through the stirrup. Avoid boots with chains, zips, or any extra decorative stuff that could get stuck in the stirrup.

Don’t wear open-toed shoes around horses, even when you’re not riding. You never know when a stray hoof will end up on top of your foot, and it can be really painful!


Choose your shirt according to the weather conditions. Pick something that isn’t too tight (you’re probably will be breathing pretty heavily) and not so loose that it hangs off you – in particular, it shouldn’t be longer than hip length. 
Avoid shirts and jackets (when layering up will be needed) with decorations that dangle, holes, or fine fabrics.


Saddle sores are a significant issue for horseback riders – especially new riders. To reduce the risk of saddle sores, get a good pair of gloves. A better easier option would be gym gloves and not normal mitten gloves.


Just like riding a bike or a go-kart, you need a helmet for horse riding too. It’s important to inquire from the stable you plan to go to if helmets are provided- if not, carry yours. Helmets are protective measures just in case you fall off a horse, per se.

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