Here is How to Begin your Home Work Out

On the verge of a fresh new year, everyone was on social media claiming working out, eating healthy and living right would top the to-do-list in 2017. How is this coming along? Have you ran an inch or you still struggling at the staircase? One month down, have you cut some pounds?

Over the weekend I was having a chat with some friends who had a genuine desire to work out but had no idea where to start off.  I had to make a call to a personal fitness trainer by name of Jeff Murondo aka King Jeff to shed some light on where to begin on home workouts.

Jeff, a certified trainer states that one need to have an idea what they want to work on, be ready for muscle pain and be prepared psychologically to handle the changes.

He suggested that the best location to work out from is your own house because of convenience and you can literally turn everything into a prop. This is the ultimate beginner’s spot, with comfortable ambiance and takes the least time. For starters, you need simple moves, intensity is not required.

Here are top three workouts Jeff suggested for anyone who would love to begin this from his/her house.


Step one, use your dining seat, seat on it 5 times while your hands hold your chin. Now remove the seat. Squat to the level of the seat and come up, 10 times, rest 30 seconds and repeat that 4 times. This works on your hamstring, quads, calves and if you are doing it right, the core will be worked as well.

Push Ups

The positioning of your arms will dictate which muscle group you can work on. Push-ups require individual body strength and you might find it extremely hard to complete 10. When you place your elbows outside the body frame, you work on chest, shoulders, and triceps. When you learn how to keep the body straight, your core will come in play and you might feel some pinch on your belly.

When the elbows are close to the body, you only work the triceps. For ladies who cannot complete a full press-up, kneel down and this will help you shift the strain to the upper body. Start with 5, 10,15 till your max.

Back workout

The back is one of the biggest and strongest body parts. You can place one knee on your dining seat, other leg supports the body, hold a 5litre water jerrican and row up and down. This can work your bicep and back same time. For the Upper back, grab by the handle and row hand by hand, it plays as the one arm dumbbell and one arm jerrican row.

For this three workouts, you need to stick to one exercise till perfection and focus on the muscle group you feel the need to work on. After this, you can now graduate to a gym facility in your area.

Jeff Murundo- personal trainer, Group trainer and Nutrition adviser who currently is based in USIU.

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