Bedroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas You Must Try

Having an accent wall in your bedroom adds some pizzaz to your room. An accent wall is a wall that differs from other walls in a room, it stands out on its own.


This is definitely one of the budget-friendly ways of getting an accent wall. Paint a bold color to stand out the neutral color of the other walls. You can jazz it up with a stripe, stencil with gold or any other form of paint art you like.


Put up a wallpaper

Most of them have accent walls using wallpapers. Wallpapers are temporary and have a variety of choices in the market today, you could always change it up anytime you want and you can do it yourself.


Wood paneling

Incase color isn’t your thing, worry less, you could have wood panels. They could be in natural wood color or the same neutral color as the other walls. Wood paneling creates a dimensional effect.

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Make it a dual purpose wall accent

Finding a decor that is both decorative and functional, is significant especially if you have minimal space for storage. Have a bookshelf on your chosen accent wall or built-in wood panels. You could also have an open closet behind your headboard.


Exposed brick look

Are you into loft living, industrial or vintage look? You could have exposed bricks on your accent wall. You could place faux bricks, American stone cut into bricks, or find a wallpaper with bricks print.


Wall hangings

Hanging textile is perfect for boho/hippie enthusiasts. It represents your interests and appreciation of culture. You could also hang paintings, portraits, hats, and wall baskets (known as uteo in Swahili).

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Have a ceiling accent wall

An accent wall doesn’t have to be the traditional behind the bed wall, you could switch it up and have an artistic painting done on your ceiling, led lights, or glow in the dark stickers that make your room look like space when its lights off.


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