Beautypreneur Suzie Wokabi suing Microsoft

Well it seems like things are heating up between CEO of SuzieBeauty, Suzie Wokabi and software giant, Microsoft.

Suzie Wokabi

Suzie Wokabi

Suzie is claiming that the software giant used images of her and her son without her consent on billboards across the city as part of their Windows 8 marketing campaign and is suing for an undisclosed sum.

As the story goes, the photos were handed over to Microsoft’s advertising agency by make-up artist Muthoni Njomba. Suzie claims that Muthoni approached her a year ago and asked whether she could use her son and her as models for her artwork. She then got a professional photographer to take the photos adding that she did not think that the photos were ever going to be used for commercial purposes and was shocked when her husband told her that he had seen the same images on a Microsoft billboard accompanied by the words ‘Art Deeper with Windows 8’.

So far Muthoni has denied that she sold the pictures to Microsoft and claims that the photographer owned the rights to the work even though no release forms were ever signed.

Suzie took to her facebook page this past week  and confirmed the law suit saying:

“Yes it’s true…. kinda bored of being the punching bag. My kindness is not weakness…. perfect culmination to a long hard week!!” 

We’ll definitely keep you posted on how this develops. Stay tuned!!!


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