Beat Ya Keggah Talks About Life Crashing Down After Producing Nyashinski’s ‘Now You Know’

Legendary producer and businessman Keggah Kinuthia from ‘Beat Ya Keggah’ has opened up about the time his life came crashing down and how he managed to rebuild his empire.

His record label has worked with bigwigs like Collo, Mejja, Kristoff, Khaligraph, Nonini among others. 

Talking to Richard Njau on Cleaning the Airwaves, Keggah revealed that after working on the hit song ‘Now You Know’ that introduced Nyashinski back to the Kenyan market, he fell ill.


 His health deteriorated and he fell into a diabetic coma for weeks, leaving him hospitalised for weeks on end. This came during a time he was making a lot of cash, to the tune of Sh300 million yearly.

I was in the hospital the rest of 2016 and at the same time the business is going down, the house is going, were breaking up with the mama, it’s now hell. I never even got to listen to Now You Know, I never had it in a concert, I never had it being played in a club like live…all my friends would come to visit me and be like yo we are at 5 million,” he said.

He had a string of autism clinics in seven states, owned fuel stations and sold high-end cars. This all came crashing after he was hospitalized.

You’re talking about a business that you’re telling us is doing three million dollars even if it’s gross revenue yeah, that’s Sh300 million shillings you guy and with change. That business going down that is painful but you are now talking about restarting,” the host also shared Keggah’s pain.

He however managed to rebuild his empire after a few years. Listen to the full interview below:

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