Beard Season: 5 Tips On Keeping Your Beard Healthy

It’s keeping up with the beard season! Dear gents Movember is here aka the beard gang o’clock but sometimes not all gents get the perfect beard, here are some tips on how to maintain /grow a healthier beard.

Eat right
What goes through your mouth really has an effect, the right food plays a huge role in leading to a healthy beard especially if your genes are beard favouring. Although this does not leave out those whose genes might be slightly unfavoring, a consistent right diet had advantages to your beard inclusive of foods with natural oils.

The perfect Oil for the perfect beard

There are different oils that work extremely well in beginning up a healthy beard this cuts across natural coconut oil to castor oil, some skin types may be irritable but if not these oils are extremely perfect to nourish and entice the growth of your beard.

Know your beard type
It goes without saying that to know your beard type is to know how to maintain it. Researching on your beard type is very vital as it will lead you into knowing what to do and what not to do, types of beard include:

The shave technique
How do you trim/shave your beard? Your barber has to be extremely keen on how they shave your beard to avoid denting or cutting. This may lead to some problems of the skin, which indirectly interferes with your beard growth, it’s important to monitor how your beard is cut/shaved.

A clean beard is a healthy beard, keep it clean brush it nicely and take care of it in the right manner possible. Best to wash your beard at least twice a day while washing your face, the consistency is definitely worthwhile.