Wizkid Concert A Hot Mess Behind The Scenes

After a weekend of the turn-up, Wizkid the headline artist of the BBQ live event held on Saturday at the KICC was the trending topic. The crowd seemed to have had a blast albeit the rain coming down heavy.

But the ghosts of event mismanagement are springing up to bite the event organizers at the rear. Social media being a powerful tool is the viable platform where anyone who was discontented with the abysmal treatment is ranting out.

H_art The band were the first to raise concerns about how they were treated from the onset. They took to their official Instagram to vent issue ranging from performance time start and time frame. The organizers never handed them the proper itinerary, the group was harassed while accessing the venue, they were shoddily ushered onto the stage and to cap it all, their performance was cut short after 30 minutes as opposed to 1 hour.

After all that drama, the crew was kicked off stage and were not allowed to the VIP Section, as it was reserved for Wizkid and his entourage. The notion was after you perform you can leave, the nerve?


Scenario 2, The phenomenal woman Fena took to her insta and said, “to be honest this gig was for us to mop the floor for Wizzy, not to share the stage with the legend”. This is in reference to her backstage treatment, where she was never allowed to the VIP, never got food or drink as per her performance rider, moving around the venue was a NO.

Fena sights the fact that legends as Nameless and Nyashinski were peeping Wizkid performance from some backstage as they were not allowed to move in the shelter.


A fan who paid handsomely to sit at the VVIP section of the event narrated his nightmare. The promised dream on the flyer was a dream deferred as nothing was deliveries. From the Uber rides to the food and drinks, meet and greet with the artist, they got benched.


It will be an interesting week of discourse as other artists have hoped on this wagon to raise the necessary questions on second class treatment of Kenyan acts who purportedly are opening acts of international artists. BBQ Live has not responded to any of the allegations stated above.

Featured Image: Michael Khateli, you can check out his work here.

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