Battle of The Egos: The KE Hip Hop Scene At The Moment

2016 has been a good year for Kenyan Hip Hop, I feel. There are plenty new rappers on the come up, the ones who are at the top (I assume) already, keep us talking so we stay on our feet. Like, what’s going to happen next?

Khaligraph Jones has created a movement already and when he says something, people listen. Most guys want to constantly keep up with what he’s doing because let’s face it, he’s always up to something.

Two months ago, he released a cypher where he was putting on new rappers in the game. Most of the rappers on it are from the label that he’s recorded at for a long time, Big Beats and on that cypher was his producer, Ares 66, who Khali has said before he has worked with since he was 19.

Khaligraph says, in part “…marapper hapa Kenya wanado sh* nado/ we umehit Kibera, mi nimehit majuu” (basically saying that rappers here are doing what he’s doing and that he’s blown up so much he’s now international, referring to someone who’s only known in Kibera).

There are a couple rappers who represent Namba Nane (Kibera’s area code) but the one who’s popularized it the most (in my opinion) is none other than Octopizzo, with whom Khaligraph has had a feud with for a long time.

Octopizzo took this as a shot to him, which he talked about on my interview with him. So he released a track last week called Utanisho and he’s been accused of taking jabs at Khaligraph on it. I think he did because he didn’t exactly have nice things to say about Khaligraph on the interview. Octo starts off with a reference to a certain cypher and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to join the dots. If you watch the interview (and you should) then listen to the record, you know what’s up.

Soon after, Khaligraph joined the So Gone Challenge and I don’t want to say that he responded because he does say “Retaliation is for fools…” so you listen to this and make a decision, is he talking about/to Octopizzo?

Adding to some more buzz, Rabbit King Kaka dropped Mr. 254 on Friday on which he thumps his chest and says stuff like “…most videos, ni mimi… Most idiots, ni nyinyi. Hizo pembe zimemea, KWS wakupe trimming…”

I can’t exactly say that I know who these “idiots” are but I’m here for the drama. I really want to see how this unfolds…

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