The Battle For KE Hip Hop “Queendom” Continues With THIS Latest Entry!

Femi One started it all but this rapper who doubles up as a DJ as well is ready to be the final word. Identified by the government as Michelle Wambui, DJ Mandy picked up her name from her favorite cartoon Bill and Mandy because she felt that the character was a little bit like her.
She’s always wanted to be a DJ but only started in 2015. It is while she was studying the art of deejaying that she met Danytox (fellow label mate) who started teaching her how to rap, later introducing her to GKV (Chuo Records), who, she says, is her mentor in music.

“I chose Hip Hop because I used to write poetry but combining poetry with music was even better due to the fact that I was (still am ) obsessed with music .
Hip Hop has a way of getting the message out there and I think it is the best way to express ones thoughts, feelings and emotions.”

She was first introduced to Hip Hop circles through Choices Remix (originally by American rapper E-40) , a track she featured on with Danytox and GKV

Her entry into this fiasco is CHEF (Close Hitting Every Femcee) on which she starts off by going for Femi One, asking “Who died and made you queen?” Mandy then addresses the ghost writing issue, saying that it doesn’t matter who writes for her she can’t win if it’s a conversation that involves Mandy.

She pays homage to her label, Chuo Records, “Hii nilifanyia chuo, juu ulicut school.” Unlike other femcees who chose to address everyone, even those not involved, DJ Mandy only picks her battle with Femi One on CHEF,

I love that she got into this beef thing with all the vengeance that she got, as we can hear in her voice (that’s everything BTW!). No, she wasn’t called out by Femi One when she started this war with Pilau Njeri, but she decided to get in anyway and go hard! That’s what Hip Hop is about. Competition. Hunger.

I look forward to hearing more from her and I hope that it won’t be long before she actually releases more music and keeps up the pace.

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