Barak Jacuzzi Talks The Juice Bar, His X Factor and Why He’s The ONE!

Barak Jacuzzi is a fast rising name in the entertainment scene in Kenya. Not many know that he participated in Nokia Don’t Break The Beat and he has been around for a minute. A rapper, radio host and overall personality, he will be dropping his mixtape The Juice Bar at Tree House tonight so I caught up with him to talk about why he’s taken a while to make an impact on the scene, taking shots at “weak” rappers in the game and what next for The Coco Ma$ta? The guy who can do everything?

Your slogan “Mo Juice”, what is it?

MoJuice is my favorite word in the world. It’s my belief system and overall philosophy of how I like to self-motivate.  I coined the term MoJuice about 7 or 8 years ago back in High School because I know everyone says “They got the juice now” but at the time literally everybody said it too and I’m all about out doing myself. So one day I just started saying MOJUICE, as in I need MORE than the average amount of “Juice” and it just stuck ever since.

You were on cyphers way back, you did Nokia Don’t Break The Beat and you cameod on Ivo Ivo Ivo by Octopizzo.

Why has it taken you so long to impact the music scene like that?

Yeah Nokia Don’t break the beat was my first 15min of fame as you can say and for most it’s the first time they heard of me. That’s how me and Octo linked up and I appeared in Ivo Ivo and Swag although not many people know that about me now.

I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for me to make a lot of noise in the Kenyan music scene. Maybe I wasn’t ready, maybe I was in Octo shadow, we may never know but through the years, I’ve seen this is a tricky business and it takes more than talent to break into the “industry”.  It takes trial and error and now that I understand the game better I think that has something to do with my recent increase in popularity.

You seem to be calling people out on “No Adlibs” can we get some names bruh?  Who’s calling you to feature on their whack tracks?

YES! No Adlibs is me definitely calling out every weak rapper in KENYA!  I’m saying no names because to be honest, it’s an overall vibe, I’m not coming at anyone special.  I’ve just seen so much weak content from Kenya Hip Hop artists and for some reason, they think it’s HOT? So I decided to drop a tune with absolutely zero adlibs just to show people bar for bar I got MoJuice then the rest. These boys better wake up.  I want that top spot and anybody can get it. OYA!

You’ve been back in Kenya for a minute but haven’t necessarily been heavy on the music. Why did you choose to focus on other aspects of entertainment first?

That’s true, I’ve been back for almost 2 years now.  It’s the longest I’ve stayed in Kenya at one time.  I put music on the back burner once I first arrived because like I said this industry takes more than talent to concur and I knew I needed to position myself in the right place to execute my grand plan.  So I got a job as a radio host which I love and slowly worked on my music day and night.  Then sometime last year I felt I was ready so I decided to start pushing “The Juice Bar”.

You’re already a personality. For a person who seems to be good, why add on the pressure (and stress to a certain extent) of being an artist?

I love the pressure, God blessed me with incredible talents that I must nurture otherwise I’ll just go crazy. I have no choice but do what I do.  I’m like a robot.  I was programmed to do this. Also, I couldn’t stand the thought of living with that “what if” question in my heart towards whatever career interest. Plus you know what they say no pressure no diamonds and diamonds are forever b.

What would you say is your X factor? What will make you rise above your peers and maintain position?

My X factor? I would say my multiple talents.  I personally haven’t seen too many people like me.  I’m a multi-talented entertainer who competes on high levels worldwide. I can rap, sing, dance, host, curate content, almost DJ and on top of that I’m genuinely cool. So my X-factor would have to be my natural talent mixed with infectious work ethic.

You’re dropping your mixtape The Juice Bar tonight (February 10th). What’s it all about?

The Juice Bar is just a small glimpse into my life. It’s mostly stories from 2016 so lots of party tracks.  I will be putting out a Juice Bar two one day but for now, I just want to see how this does and get back to the studio.  I’m tired of all the press runs already. Lol.

The Juice Bar release will be at Tree House and you have got quite an interesting line up consisting of Shappaman, Steph Kapela,  Kus Ma and other acts. What makes these artists perfect for your show?

OYA!! I hand picked this group of artists because I like their flavor.  I enjoy all of their music and admire what they bring to the music industry.  So as I showcase myself I want to showcase the acts that I like from Kenya too.  Plus everyone on the line up is a personal friend of mine and who doesn’t want to win with their friends! #MoJuice

What do you hope to achieve out of all this? Both the tape and the concert.

The goal of this tape/concert release is MOJUICE.  I’m all about taking steps forward, ever a drip of juice is MOJUICE. I released singles while here but didn’t receive the attention I wanted so my goal with this was to get the ATTENTION and  keep all eyes on me until my funeral.

You seem to be dabbling in everything as long as it’s entertainment related. After music what next for Coco Masta?

Glad you asked.  After this I wanna enhance, evolve, get better, or as the kids say make MoJuice.  No honestly, I want to learn.  This is my first time dropping a project and organizing my own concert.  So I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from an artist point of view, organizer’s point of view and overall as a business and brand.  But this is the year (like every year is)  to love the grind.  That’s all I do and the rest never fails to follow!

Praying for a MAMA though!!  #MoJuice


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