Bankslave Pays Homage To AKA With Mural: RIP Legend

Reknowed Graffiti artist Bankslave has honored the late South African artist AKA with a mural in Nairobi.

Bankslave, in conjunction with Nairobi County, has honored the rapper killed mid this month with the beautiful mural in Kibera having been a big influence in the Kenyan hip-hop scene.

The 35-year-old rapper was shot at close range outside a restaurant in eastern Durban on February 10, 2023, becoming the latest victim of gun violence in South Africa. 

AKA’s pan-Africanism touched all corners of the continent, and his sudden death after being assassinated shocked and saddened many.

Bankslave’s mural of AKA serves as a tribute to his life and a celebration of African talent.

“One of Africa’s best Rappers ever!!” said Bankslave on social media following the mural.

Bankslave is known for his artistic murals depicting prominent individuals across the globe.

These pieces of artwork have come to represent African ingenuity and originality, sparking inspiration in a new wave of artists in Kenya and beyond.

His passion for mural painting was uncovered through his art, and he now employs his gift to bring attention to critical topics such as human rights, environmental preservation, and gender parity.

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