Bamzigi Back At It With “Form Ni Gani”. What Do You Think?

Back in the day Bamzigi had countless hits across radio and TV but things went south when he got into drugs. He has since gone to rehab and has been clean, I hope and it looks like he’s finally ready to get back in the booth to make some hits.

Ordinarily, this may not be such a big deal because, how many rappers have said they’re making a come back and broken our hearts? We were excited about Kantai being featured on Ting Badi Malo and we all thought that he was back but months down the line, we still have nothing from him. I saw Bamboo and Prezzo on someone’s Snapchat story and they were in the studio cooking up something. When I pointed this out to a friend of mine who was among the biggest fans of the two, he wasn’t excited about it because, he said, why should he be excited? They make music then disappear then make a comeback again like it’s all a game.

That’s just one side of the story. We don’t know what’s happening with them. Maybe music has now become a part time activity because they’re caught up in other businesses or family. I don’t know. Can’t speak for them.

Anyway, back to Bamzigi. His latest track is “Form Ni Gani”, a tune he believes is the blend of Kapuka, Hip Hop, EDM and Afro Pop.

The rapper and producer (or as he calls his alter ego, African Superman) has been trying out different with a different sounds, something he calls Mizuka which is a mix of every sound/style you can think of on the planet but his aim is just to make music that will get you on your feet.

“Form Ni Gani” is just as it is. What’s the plan? Where’s the party? Listen below and drop a comment, hit or miss?

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